Frequently Asked Questions

I am a beginner, is it suitable for me to join this course ?

Yes it is perfectly suitable for every level of student whether you are a beginner or advanced. Teachers modify their classes according to your level, so being a beginner is not a matter of concern .

What is the average number of students in the course ?

The number of students varies from 12 to 15 per batch. We believe in quality not in quantity so because of the less number of students more attention is given to every single student .

Should I bring my own yoga mat ?

. One yoga mat is provided by us to every student ,if you still want to bring your own you can bring it .

Is it a certified course ? And from where?

Yes it is a certified course from yoga alliance USA. After completing the course you will be able to register yourself as a certified yoga teacher .

which language the course runs on ?

The course runs on English only . If you are not much efficient in English its perfectly fine ,level of English is very basic you won’t find any difficulty in understanding the class .

Are the teachers well qualified and experienced ?

Yes the teachers are highly qualified and experienced . They have been teaching in various schools from last 4-5 years.

From where I can reach to the school ?

You can land on New Delhi airport from there you can take a flight for Dehradun airport and then a taxi for the school. Its a 25 minutes drive from there to school.

Can you arrange a taxi from the airport ?

Yes we can arrange that for you ,it will charge you 800 indian Rupees from Dehradun airport and 4200 indian Rupees from New Delhi airport .